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Our urban chic fashion edition offers vibrant colors, buoyant prints and stylized silhouettes. Consistent with the last few years, our seasonal collection is sub-divided in different themes for boys and girls, and designed with a sense of uniqueness and individuality. With our spring-summer collection, our designers master the art of perfect fits for comfort and style, with flowy or architectural shapes and a variety of textures that create a stunning street style look.

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Spring Time Wonders

Bouquet of Sun

Every season sings a new tune. What will your children’s story be this summer? Will it be made of parties and light? Facing South and full sun? Meet our So Happy collection mini style with its bursts of color and happiness on all our tunics and dresses and kits designed for their games, from dawn ’til dusk, and from dream to reality.


Sweet Sailing

You are invited to come and explore the Big Blue, twenty thousand leagues under the sea. Octopus and aquanauts await to join you in your many adventures. At your posts everyone! Take the plunge, see its beauties.


True Blue

Children love to surround themselves with beauty and pizzazz, but they also welcome style and elegance with open arms. And by the same token, kids — along with their activities and their games — demand comfort. This must-have trait represents one of the stength of this collection.


Fashion Alert

Make your little man look like the dapper gentlemen he is with our Cool Class collection outfits.


Desert Queen

This summer, hug a cactus why don’t you. Have your kids take a walk on the wild side and a stroll down the Arizona desert where tropical flower tunics and dresses boast spirited mix and match outfits perfectly fashioned for comfort.


Graffiti Story

Your boys will fall in love with this Bug’s Bebop collection. A funny and comfy collection where we find fine looking little creatures dancing on every print.



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