Printed "Kit Cat" 2-Piece Baby Snowsuit

Printed "Kit Cat" 2-Piece Baby Snowsuit

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    Featuring a printed kitty cat jacket and a vibrant purple pant, the Printed Kit Cat 2 Piece Baby Snowsuit is perfect for sledding down hills and making angels in the snow. Insulated to provide protection in temperatures as low as -30°C or -22°F, this adorable two-piece set features a weatherproof polyurethane-coated shell with insulated fill and a TEFLON coating that makes it water repellent. The jacket is lined in polar fleece and trimmed with detachable faux fur trim around the hood, a windstopper placket, and detachable mitts. The pant features adjustable logo straps, detachable booties, and reinforced knee patches for added durability.


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